Amazon慈善捐款計劃 Amazon’s Charity Donation Program


本會已加入了網上購物平台Amazon的慈善捐款計劃: Amazon Smile。各會員於Amazon購物時, 如選取本會作為接受捐款機構,Amazon便會於消費金額中撥出0.5%予本會作捐款之用。該0.5%的捐款完全由Amazon捐出,不會影響會員的消費金額,而其他所有Amazon的購物優惠及條款亦不會受影響,希望各會員能夠多多支持。



Dear members,

We have joined the Amazon’s charity donation program: Amazon Smile. If you selected ICA as the donation accepting organization on Amazon, we will get 0.5% of the consumption amount as donation every time when you make purchases. The 0.5% donation is only donated by Amazon, which will not affect your consumption amount, all other Amazon shopping offers and terms will also not be affected. Please support us!

How to participate

Enter Amazon through the following URL every time when you shop: