(18 November 2021)

Some 17 ICA members and Mr. Tom Ma, our newly appointed Wellbeing Information Officer of the Thriving Beats Surviving Project, joined the walking befriending service in Caledonian Park today (18 Nov). The activity was organised by Camden and Islington Councils and guided by the Parks for Health Project.

Tom was educated in Hong Kong and Australia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in counselling. He has more than 20 years’ experience in social services for elders, youth, families and the homeless, and demonstrated success in service delivery, project planning and management, and team work. With his professional experience and devotion to helping people, we have no doubt that he will become a valuable team member of ICA and work together with us towards our goals of promoting and supporting social inclusion.

本會「活出豐采」計劃社康主任馬澤淳先生,今日(18日)帶領17位會員參加暢游喀里多尼亞公園。是次活動由金頓和依士靈頓巿議會舉辦,特別安排The Parks for Health Project義務導遊,讓大家認識Caledonian Park 鐘樓及牲畜市場鐵路古蹟的歷史典故。