Voluntary Action Islington (依士靈頓義工行動) 每年均舉辦義工嘉許禮以鼓勵於區內服務的傑出義工及團隊。2021年 年度義工獎(60歲或以上) 由依士靈頓華人協會推薦的義工Ms. Anita Maraguinot勝出。

Ms. Anita Maiagmiot於ICA服務超過十年,期間風雨不改於早餐時段服務無家者及弱勢社群。服務社區上弱勢及不同族群群體從來不易,加上Anita來自菲律賓,她更須克服傳統、文化及語言的挑戰;但Anita從不畏難,樂於以正面樂觀的心態提供服務。


We are delighted to announce that Ms. Anita Maraguinot, the volunteer nominated by Islington Chinese Association (ICA), has won the award of Older Volunteer of the Year 2021. This award was presented by Voluntary Action Islington to celebrate the achievements of people volunteering in Islington.

Ms. Anita Maraguinot has always been and still is a dedicated and hands-on volunteer helping the seven-day breakfast service from 8.30am (snow, rain or shine), for the homeless and deprived continuously served  for more than ten years.  Although being Filipino, Anita is always ready to serve the diverse community in Islington irrespective of their racial backgrounds, gender or age.  Serving the less privileged section of the community is never easy or straight forward especially when tradition, heritage and culture are dissimilar but Anita never shies away from any tasks, instead, always fulfils it with a positive attitude and smile which provides that role model and motivation for other volunteers. 

Our staff, users and other volunteers are constantly encouraged by her outgoing personality and dedication.  We are proud to have a selfless, inspirational and committed volunteer as Anita, her contribution and commitment should be properly acknowledged and celebrated.

Voluntary Action Islington (依士灵顿义工行动) 每年均举办义工嘉许礼以鼓励于区内服务的杰出义工及团队。 2021年 年度义工奖(60岁或以上) 由依士灵顿华人协会推荐的义工Ms. Anita Maraguinot胜出。

Ms. Anita Maraguinot于ICA服务超过十年,期间风雨不改于早餐时段服务无家者及弱势社群。 服务社区上弱势及不同族群群体从来不易,加上Anita来自菲律宾,她更须克服传统、文化及语言的挑战; 但Anita从不畏难,乐于以正面乐观的心态提供服务。