Mercato Mayfair Half-day Trip 文化導賞半日遊 (2nd Tour)

Mercato Mayfair是一文化及可持續市場的完美結合,座落於Mayfair地區。

兩層高的建築有各類酒吧食肆,地牢提供地方舉辦各式活動,供人學習及分享。為配合Mercato Mayfair使命,食物及配料均儘量採用可持續來源。

導賞團除參觀這特色建築,更會於區內遊覽各特色景點,由資深義工領隊Tina Ho講解。

Mercato Mayfair, is a cultural hub and sustainable community market in the regenerated St Mark’s on North Audley Street, Mayfair.

Two levels of food stalls and bars are accompanied by a rooftop terrace, whilst the vaulted crypt basement hosts an authentic wine cellar with fresh cuts and world cheeses, a micro-brewery, events and cookery classes for everybody to gather, learn and share. In keeping with Mercato Metropolitano’s mission, ingredients are fresh, artisanal and sustainably sourced as far as possible.

Beside visiting this historical building, the tour will guide you through famous attractions in the Mayfair district, and would be guided by Volunteer Tour Guide Ms. Tina Ho.

Mercato Mayfair是一文化及可持续市场的完美结合,座落于Mayfair地区。 两层高的建筑有各类酒吧食肆,地牢提供地方举办各式活动,供人学习及分享。 为配合Mercato Mayfair使命,食物及配料均尽量采用可持续来源。 导赏团除参观这特色建筑,更会于区内游览各特色景点,由资深义工领队Tina Ho讲解。



集合地點:St James’s Park Station地鐵站出口(售票处)

Date: 8th March 2022 (Tue.)

Gathering Time: 10:30am

Gathering Place: Exit of St James’s Park Station