依士靈頓華人協會(ICA)歡迎香港人網站welcomehongkongers.com 現已啓用,為新近移居英國的香港人提供多元化活動及有用資訊,包括英文班、求職工作坊、專題講座、諮詢服務、城市導賞、文化康樂節慶活動等,幫助新到英國的香港人提升語文及溝通能力,認識本地社區生活和文化,掌握求職和生活技巧,及適應新的社區環境。

ICA致力推廣多元社會融合,獲房屋、社區和地方政府事務部撥款資助推行歡迎香港人項目,服務重點為迎新 (induct)、凝聚 (cohere)及適應 (adapt)。歡迎訂閱ICA歡迎香港人網站,網上報名參加活動,成為義工和合作夥伴,一同支持移英港人順利開展新生活。

The Islington Chinese Association (ICA) has launched a new website welcomehongkongers.com dedicated for welcoming Hong Kong people. The website provides activity news of ICA’s Welcome Hongkongers Programme as well as useful resources relevant to newly arrived migrants from Hong Kong. Interested users are free to join a diversified range of activities including English classes, workshops for job interview and CV writing, talks, advice sessions, walking tours, festival events and cultural activities, etc. The programme aims to help Hongkongers enhance language and communication skills, know more about living and culture in the UK, polish job skills and life skills, and adapt to the new environment.

ICA has a long history of promoting social diversity and inclusion. Funded by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities, its Welcome Hongkongers Programme focuses on providing induction, promoting cohesion and facilitating adaptation. The new website will facilitate participants to subscribe to programme news, sign up activities and events, become volunteer/community partners. Let’s work together to support Hong Kongers for a smooth and happy settlement in the UK.