Hello! It’s Dragon Boat Festival again! No worries if you have missed the last batch of rice dumplings ordering- We have organised another batch!

Like previous years, we are collaborating with YiTong Foods and will be selling their delicious glutinous rice dumplings. Please fill in this form to reserve a time for collection on 04/05/22 (Wednesday) and/or 25/05/22 (Wednesday).The deadline for ordering this batch will be 30/04 (Wednesday) and 18/05/22 (Wednesday) respectively at 15:00.

Savoury Dumplings Ingredients: Pork, Chestnut, mushrooms and egg yolk
Weight: Approx.290g

Sweet Dumplings Ingredients: Red Bean
Weight: Approx.260g

Pre Ordering Form: https://forms.gle/ck4jzBcVP2fNLB6n6


一如往年,我們和羿彤食品公司合作,轉賣它們的粽。如有興趣,歡迎於表格預訂時間於04/05/22 或 25/05/22(星期三) 拿粽,此輪預訂分别截至30/04/22 (星期六) 和 18/05/22 (星期三)下午三點正。

鹹粽成份: 豬肉, 栗子, 香菇, 蛋黃


預訂表格: https://forms.gle/ck4jzBcVP2fNLB6n6