Whitstable 是每年 8 月舉辦的牡蠣節的著名旅遊勝地。 該鎮在海港兩側擁有鵝卵石/沙灘,日光浴、游泳和水上運動很受歡迎。 東部和西部的海灘在英格蘭東南部的海濱城鎮中是獨一無二的。 Margate是英格蘭東南部肯特北海岸的一個海濱小鎮, 通過泰晤士河很容易進入。後來隨著鐵路的到來,它成為了 18 世紀度假者的熱門場所。 受歡迎的地標包括沙灘和 Dreamland 遊樂園。 (來源:維基百科)。

1. 日期:2022年8月23日(星期二) 

2. 費用:£40 (16歲以上), £36(ICA 會員或BNO持有人), £27 (16歲或以下) (包旅遊巴來回接送, 不佔座位3歲以下免費) 

3. 語言:廣東話
4. 名額:52名 

5. 集合時間及地點(1): 早上9時正, Colindale Station, Colindale, London HPWX+3P

6. 集合時間及地點(2): 早上9時45分,倫敦唐人街 112 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EJ(近東亞銀行)

7. 回程上車時間及地點: 下午5時30分, Margate beach CT9 1XJ

8. 報名方法:2022年8月10日早上11時開始接受報名, 請填寫 https://forms.gle/jDGwqaCjArV64tE98 ,先到先得,額滿即止。本 會將以電話或電郵通知成功報名者繳付費用,一經付費,恕不退款。 


9. 繳費方法: 

     a. 銀行轉賬 

     b. 親臨本協會繳付現金或以信用卡付費 

10.行程  僅供參考,可能會因交通/天氣狀況而有所變動。 請在參加旅行前評估您的健康狀況,並為長途汽車旅行帶上自己的午餐。 如果您想在沙灘上玩耍,請準備好您自己的個人物品(例如防曬霜、塑膠袋等),並保持車箱清潔。

     09:00/09:45  Colindale/ 唐人街出發     

     12:00            在Whitstable Beach Front停車場下車,自由遊覽及自費用餐

     14:00            在 Whitstable Beach Front 停車場集合,前往 Margate beach

     14:30            在Margate beach下車, 自由遊覽及自費用餐

     17:30            在Margate beach集合,返回倫敦

     20:00/20:45  在 China Town/ Colindale 解散
11. 免責聲明及健康守則: i.) 參加者必須自行購買旅遊意外及人身安全保險,攜帶個人所需藥物。ii.) 本團須步行一定距 離,旅程 中一切意外,本會不負任何法律責任。iii.) 參加者在出發當日請自行檢測及量度體溫,勤洗手,車上不開餐 ,不隨意轉換預先安排座位,保持個人及車廂整潔。 iv.) 所有團費一經繳付及確認,均不設退款。如出發日期前英國政府發出旅遊警告,不允許該段時間英國本地旅遊,所繳旅費即全數退還。

Whitstable is a very famous travel spot for the Oyster Festival held every August. The town has sandy beaches flanking the harbor, where sunbathing, swimming and water sports are popular. The beaches east and west are unique amongst seaside towns in the south east of England. Margate is a seaside town on the north coast of Kent in south-east England. It became a popular place for holidaymakers in the 18th century, owing to easy access via the Thames, and later with the arrival of the railways. Popular landmarks include the sandy beaches and the Dreamland amusement park. (Source: Wikipedia)

1. Date: 23.8.2022 Tuesday  

2. Fee:  £40 (Normal) / £36 (ICA Member or BNO holders) /  £27 (16 years old or below) (include coach pick up and return)

3. Medium of Tour: Cantonese

4. Quotas: 52

5. Gathering time and location (1): 0900 am, Colindale Station, Colindale, London 

6. Gathering time and location (2): 0945 am, 112 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EJ (China Town Near BEA Bank)

7. Returning time and location: 1730pm,  Margate beach CT9 1XJ

8. Registration: Please sign up by filling out the https://forms.gle/jDGwqaCjArV64tE98.The tour will be open to registration at 11:00am on 10.8.2022. Those who register successfully will be notified by phone or email. Please make payment after receiving the confirmation. All payments will be non-refundable.

Please scan this QR code for registration

9. Payment methods:

  1. Bank transfer 
  2. Pay in person at ICA by cash or credit/debit card

10.Itinerary is for reference only, subject to change due to traffic/weather conditions. Please assess your health conditions before joining the trip and bring your own lunch for the long coach journey. If you want to play on the beach, please prepare your own personal items (i.e. sun protection, plastic bags & etc) and keep the coach clean.

       09:00/09:45  Start off at Colindale/ ChinaTown

       12:00            Drop off at at Whitstable Beach Front and meals at own expense

       14:00            Gather at Whitstable Beach Front and head towards Margate beach

       14:30            Drop off at Margate beach , Free tour and meals at own expense

       17:30            Gather at Margate beach and return to London

       20:00/20:45  Dismiss at ChinaTown/ Colindale
11.Disclaimer and health codes: i) The participants should arrange for their own travel and personal safety insurance and bring your medicine. ii) The walking tour will last for several hours. Please make sure you are fit for walking a long distance. iii)ICA is not responsible for the legal liability in case any accidents occur during the day trip. iii) You are encouraged to take the covid test and measure your temperature before your departure. No eating in the coach; no change of seats allocated; maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness of the coach. iv) All payment is non-refundable. If a travel warning is issued by the UK government, which do not allow local tours in that period of time, the fees will be refunded to the participants.