TBS Information & Consultation Session 活出豐采資訊及諮詢服務


登記及查詢 : 02072635986 (Tel)

服務時間:逢星期一至四 上午10時至12時 及下午2時至4時

Elderly Cantonese-speaking Hong Kong Chinese and Mandarin-speaking mainland Chinese people often endure a kind of self-imposed segregation due to cultural differences in lifestyles and aspirations. Through providing opportunities to build their confidence ICA will help them thrive in UK society rather than merely survive. Non-English speaking Chinese people may require individual information sessions to deal with their daily experience barrier. ICA TBS Wellbeing Information Officer might provide information & consultation service and welcome members or aged 55 above Chinese speaking people to make appointment in the following sessions:

Registration & Enquiry: 02072635986 (Tel)

Service Period: Monday to Thursday 10:00am to 12:00nn & 2:00pm to 4:00pm


登記及查询 : 02072635986 (Tel)

服務時間:逢星期一至四 上午10时至12时 及下午2时至4时