ICA健康知多點中醫冬季養生保健 (免費講座)

日期:7/2 (星期二)

時間:下午1:30 – 2:45 PM

地點: 地下大堂

講員:Ms Annie Leung  (註冊中醫師)

内容:簡介中醫如何理解英國天氣;身在英國如何使用本地食材養生;簡單強腦保腎運動 (講座後有量血壓服務,已登記者請留步按次序接受服務)


報名:親臨協會 或WhatsApp (07724 828778) /電郵查詢: info@islingtonchinese.com

ICA健康知多点中医冬季养生保健 (免费讲座)

日期:7/2 (星期二)

时间:下午1:30 – 2:45 PM

地点: 地下大堂

讲员:Ms Annie Leung  (注册中医师)

内容:简介中医如何理解英国天气;身在英国如何使用本地食材养生;简单强脑保肾运动 (讲座後有量血压服务,已登记者请留步按次序接受服务)


报名:亲临协会 或WhatsApp (07724 828778) / 电邮查询: info@islingtonchinese.com

ICA Health Series – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Winter Health Care (Free Talk)

Date:     7/2 (Tuesday)

Time:    1:30 – 2:45pm

Venue:  ICA Lower Hall

Speaker: Ms Annie Leung (Licensed Chinese Medical Practitioner)

Content: An introduction to how Chinese medical practitioner understands the weather in the UK; how to use local ingredients to maintain health in the UK; simple exercises to strengthen the brain and protect the kidneys (Blood pressure measurement service will be provided after the talk. Those who have registered please stay behind and receive the service in order.)

Language: The talk will mainly be conducted in Cantonese. Those who speak Mandarin or English are welcome to raise questions in their languages.

Registration: In person or WhatsApp (07724 828778) / Email Enquiry: info@islingtonchinese.com