ICA’s 「靈兔喜迎春 」🐰 新春嘉年華將於本星期六2月11日上午1130 至下午4時舉行共賀兔年的來臨。嘉年華節目豐富,有「美食一條街 」提供多款港式及特色美食有豉油王炒麵, 柴魚花生皮蛋粥, 豬皮蘿蔔魚蛋、桂花馬蹄糕及不同的甜點, 滿足大家的口味! 我們也準備了舞獅. 太極 .大頭佛音樂表演等。 嘉年華還有互動攤位包括書法及繪畫,燈謎遊戲及流年運程等,讓大家體驗中國傳統文化慶祝農曆新年。期待2月11日跟大家見面!

ICA’s Bouncing Rabbit New Year Carnival will be held this Saturday 11 February at 1130-1600 hrs to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Rabbit. The carnival will feature an array of typically popular Hong Kong Street Food and Delicacy. We will also present variety of performances such as Lion Dance, Laughing Buddha, as well as Chinese Musical Instrument and songs etc. There are also booths of interactive games such as Lantern Riddles, Fortune Telling and Chinese Calligraphy so that you will experience Chinese tradition in celebrating Lunar New Year. Can’t wait to see you soon on 11 February!