08.08.2019 Thursday (1.30 – 3.00 pm) 星期四下午

Health Talk by Mr Qikan Yin of The Institute of Chinese Medicine on the subject of Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to allergies e.g. hay fever…

健康講座「傳統中醫對各類敏感的認識, 如花粉過敏…」


20.08.2019 Tuesday (1.30 – 3.00 pm) 星期二下午

Crime Prevention Talk 預防罪案講座 by Metropolitan Police Officers (of the Chinese and South East Asian Staff Association)



Community cohesion in trip  美加海陸空自由行

14-day trip to Seattle/Alaska Cruise/Seattle, then from Seattle by Amtrak train to Chicago

21.09.2019 Saturday afternoon 星期六下午

A performance by the ICA Cantonese Operatic Singing Group at the Upper Hall of ICA

11-15.11.2019 Monday – Friday 星期一至星期五

Turkey & Tinsel 聖誕德雲郡五日遊