康禾郡五日四夜遊 Trip to Cornwall


依士靈頓華人協會主辦康禾郡五日四夜遊 (3-7.04.2019)





住宿: 車仔田旅舍 Barrowfield Hotel, Hilgrove Road Newquay TR7 2QY 電話: 020 3564 5165

雙人房每位£225,單人房每位£275;只限會員(會員費每年£6) ;包旅遊車來回,旅遊項目,早餐、晚餐;旅舍設有免費Wifi,室內游泳池,酒吧舞池,晚上娛樂表演,風筒,茶壺等等。

3.04.2019星期三: 早上九時正依士靈頓華人協會集合出發;九時三十分倫敦唐人街新五月花小菜館 New May Flower Chinese Restaurant 68-70 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 6LY前接客。下午抵達康禾郡新港,晚膳。

4.04.2019 星期四: 一宿無話,早餐后出發前往英國最南部之天涯海角,在 Penzance溜躂半天,風涼水淨;享受海鮮大餐,康禾最著名的棕殼蟹。午后返回旅舍,晚膳。

5.04.2019星期五: 是日清明,早餐后乘車攀登康禾郡西南部最高的 Bodmin Moor,天地悠悠,前有古人,后有來者,在牙米加酒舖共喝啤酒,澆胸懷塊壘。然后到古康禾的首府城鎮 Launceston半日遊,之后返回旅舍,晚膳。

6.04.2019星期六: 是日自由行。

7.04.2019星期日: 早餐后一众乘車返回倫敦唐人街及依士靈頓華人協會;後會有期。

依士靈頓華人協會旅遊節目廣受歡迎,欲免向隅,報名從速。最后繳費日期: 09.03.2019星期五;茶會日期: 28.03.2019 星期四下午一時三十分於依士靈頓華人協會舉行。地址: 喫茶路 21 Hatchard Road London N19 4NG,電話: 020 72635986、電郵: info@islingtonchinese.com,臉書及網頁: www.islingtonchinese.com


2019年精采旅程,萬众期待 請與協會保持密切聯繫。

依士靈頓華人協會誠聘行政總裁 Position: Chief Executive Officer





  • 統領員工團隊執行管理委員會訂下的長遠及短期政策
  • 發展和檢核協會的營運計劃,資金用得其所,人盡其材
  • 依循協會使命,尋找新項目及資源
  • 不斷積極尋找機遇,建立協會形象,開發資源;讓協會稳步前進
  • 積極主動與新舊資助组織、捐獻人士、政府、持份者營造互信互動關係
  • 分配工作,管控員工表現;務求對財政運用清晰,工作迅捷有效
  • 安排適用於小型社團的財務,資訊科技,人事系統;及時更新
  • 統籌協會事務,安排會員周年大會,定期進行員工會議,節日慶典,經常主動積極諮詢會員意見,聆聽用者心聲,務求協會服務華人社區宗旨與時並進


  • 具財政管理經驗,靈活使用電子數據表,有效分析數據,監管項目進程;審核員工表現,依期向管理委員會滙報
  • 熟悉華人社區和文化
  • 樂意在慈善機構服務,如有需要時在假日或晚上工作
  • 中、英語文流俐 (包括廣東話、國語)

年薪: £33,000;成功應聘人士若未能全職工作,薪金將依工時調整。依士靈頓華人協會是平等機會社團,所有員工均於協會會址工作

截止申請日期: 2019年2月28日

面試日期: 2019年3月17日(星期日)

查詢及索取申請表格,請致電依士靈頓華人協會,21 Hatchard Road London N19 4NG;電話: 020 72635986:電郵: info@islingtonchinese.com;臉書及網絡: http://www.islingtonchinese.com

Position: Chief Executive Officer

(One Year Contract, extendable)

Islington Chinese Association is a reputable registered charity looking for a person who has strong communication and interpersonal skills. The successful candidate should have high level of thoughtfulness and goal-directed behaviours, a keen sense of responsibility, personal integrity and overall ethical conduct.


  • Lead the staff team in executing the charity’s agreed strategies as set out by the Management Committee
  • Develop and monitor ICA’s agreed business plan to make optimal use of its social capital, human and financial resources
  • Identify new projects and resources in accordance with the Association’s mission
  • Actively and continually identify opportunities to promote the profile of ICA in UK and generate revenue driving ICA forward by creating growth
  • Proactively cultivating new relationships with potential funders, donors, government organizations and key stake holders
  • Delegate responsibilities to the staff team, supervising staff meetings on a regular basis, monitoring their performance and holding them accountable for budgetary awareness, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensure that appropriate financial, IT, personnel systems are in place for the Association and plan for their timely upgrade
  • Take charge of planning and overseeing the smooth execution of the Association’s events/activities: AGM, regular staff meetings, major festive celebrations, initiate periodic consultations of the membership and actively solicit feedback from service users with the view of promoting the charity’s mission


  • Experience of budgetary control, creatively using spreadsheets to analyse data, monitor project performance, staff supervision, and prepare reports for the Management Committee
  • Familiarity with the Chinese community and its culture
  • Have passion to work in a small charity with flexible hours of working, e.g., on occasional after office occurrences
  • Fluency in English and Chinese language (Cantonese and Mandarin essential)

ICA is open to negotiations for several days in a week arrangements to suit the successful applicant. Remuneration will be at a rate of £33,000 per annum pro rata.  ICA is an Equal Opportunities organization.  All members of staff work from their work place at the Centre.

Deadline for Application: 28.02.2019

Day of Interview: 17th March 2019 Sunday

For further information and application form, please contact Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road London n19 4NG.  Telephone@: 020 7263 5986; Email: info@islingtonchinese.com, Face Book and Website: http://www.islingtonchinese.com