From Hani Law – member of The Cantonese Opera Group

I joined the Cantonese opera group in 2015.

The Cantonese opera group had invited/sponsored Master Luo Qinger, a renowned head musician and a
famous Chinese national first class artist, Luo Chow Ping from HK/China who came to London to perform with us in 2016 in celebration of the 30 years of service of ICA, and Luo gave a lecture on the instrumental and singing techniques of the Cantonese opera.

We also had organised a London and Hong Kong Cantonese opera show in 2018, invited Lee Tim But, a
proficient amateur singer together with three proficient amateur singers from HK to perform in the Rudolf
Steiner Theatre in London.

In 2020, the Cantonese opera group arranged with SOAS, University of London to present a Cantonese
Operatic and Chinese Music show with the participation of their Chinese Music Ensemble and the Cantonese opera group. Sadly it was not materialised because of COVID-19.

We planned to perform a live streaming Cantonese opera performance to raise funds for the NHS Covid19 Emergency Fund in 2020. Owing to COVI19 restrictions, members were not be able to perform the live show but we had raised £3,300.00.

In September 2021, the Cantonese opera group hosted a cultural event in promoting Cantonese opera
and an introduction of the famous poems of Li Yu with the support of the HKETO.

曲藝社介紹 – 羅馬麗花女士




2020年,曲藝社與倫敦大學亞非學院的中國音樂團合作演出中國音樂和粵劇。遺憾的是由於 COVID-19,表演最終沒有實現。

我們計劃在 2020 年進行網上粵劇表演直播,為 NHS Covid19 應急基金籌集資金。由於 COVI19 的限制,會員無法進行現場表演,但我們最終籌集了 3,300.00 英鎊。