ICA is an equal opportunities employer and here is our policy

Islington Chinese Association
Equality Opportunities Policy (updated March 2013)

The responsibility for ensuring equality and diversity among potential and actual service users, volunteers, members and workers rests ultimately with the management committee. Volunteers, workers and management committee members – are responsible for the implementation of the policy, its
observance, monitoring it on a day-to-day basis and reporting on its operation to the Trustee Board.
The policy consists of the following: Statement of intent The Policy

Statement of Intent
Islington Chinese Association (ICA) recognises that certain individuals and groups are discriminated against on grounds of disability, race, ethnic origin, culture, socio-economic background, gender, sexuality, religion, creed, marital status and age. ICA is committed to working towards eliminating all forms of discrimination both through its own work and through its employment policies and practices. Recognising that passive policies will not achieve change ICA will, through regular monitoring of policies and practice, take active steps to combat discrimination.

The Policy
Service Provision: Users must have easy access to information about ICA’s services which may involve making materials available where appropriate in a variety of media, e.g. in large print or electronically. In particular, all printed materials will be in a minimum of 10pt type. It is also recognised that ICA will not be able to meet all the demands made upon its services. There will be a drawn up and publicly available list of priorities for the service which will be reviewed at least annually.

Additionally, it is recognised that there may from time to time be complaints against members of staff or the service. A notice will be displayed in the general office, giving details of how a complaint may be made. The procedure will also be regularly publicised in the newsletter.

Recruitment and Selection: Islington Chinese Association (ICA) aims to receive the widest response to recruitment of volunteers, workers or management committee members. All vacancies will be publicised widely. The range of publications and agencies chosen will attempt to reflect the aim of reaching all sections of society. Information sent to potential applicants will include the volunteer or management role description or a job description and a person specification in the case of paid employment and details of the Equality and Diversity Policy. It will be standard practice to supply information in large print when requested – this will be noted in advertisements.

Terms and Conditions: Islington Chinese Association (ICA) will endeavour to ensure that volunteers, workers and management committee members are not discriminated against through the terms and conditions under which they have been engaged. Furthermore, ICA recognises that from time to time family and social circumstances may change and consequently that volunteers or workers may need to change their conditions of work. ICA will attempt, where circumstances and resources permit, to accommodate the needs of those volunteers and workers.

Workers Support: Volunteers and workers are entitled to support from management committee members. Volunteers and workers will receive regular supervision from a name management committee member.
Training: ICA recognises that training is an important factor in leading to job achievement and opportunity. Induction training is particularly important and will be made available to all volunteers, workers and management committee members. When other needs are identified, every effort will be made to ensure that training is provided.

Purchasing: ICA will try to ensure that the activities and services it offers are accessible to all groups. It will not knowingly receive or purchase goods and services from agencies which practise discrimination.

Monitoring: Regular monitoring and reviews of all procedures will take place from time to time, to check the effectiveness of ICA’s Equal Opportunities Policy. Staff will be required to report the results of such monitoring to the management committee annually and to recommend such amendments as are needed to ensure that the Equal Opportunities

Policy are effective at all levels of the charity.