10 February 2022



Islington Chinese Association – The Hong Kong BN(O) Welcome Programme

依士靈頓華人協會 –  歡迎BN(O)香港人計劃

The Islington Chinese Association (ICA) welcomes the recent announcement of the 47 national and regional projects being allocated government funding by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities.

Being one of the longest-established Chinese community organisation based in London, ICA is delighted and thankful to be one of the organisations awarded a grant to launch a community project to help Hong Kongers settle into life in the UK.

ICA’s Fundraising Manager Lady Katy Blair, a Hong Konger, who founded the Association 35 years ago, said, “ICA as an inclusive community organisation, we take pride in our long history of supporting people of Chinese heritage, in particular those originated from Hong Kong, unceasingly over the last 35 years. This innovative funding will enable the Association to step up our efforts in initiating much needed services to help the newcomers acquire the skills and resources required for effective settlement and building strong community cohesion.”

She added, “Since January 2021, the Association has seen a significantly rising demand for different areas of support from the new BN(O) status holders. With the new grant, we have rolled out a new programme in no time to welcome and support these new comers. Our services focus on providing induction, promoting cohesion and facilitating adaptation, as summarised by the three letters I, C and A.”

Advice services, classes and activities will be offered to help them enhance their language and communication skills, understanding of local communities and cultures, skills and knowledge for job seeking and adaptation to the new environment. The programme will create a platform to facilitate mutual support among the newly arrived Hong Kongers and to inspire exchange of skills, training and knowledge in cultural heritage with the local communities.

ICA’s Welcome Hongkongers Programme’s overall goals are to support BN(O) status holders and their families to:-

  • Fully contribute to life in Britain, both economically, socially, enriching wider society
  • Feel safe and welcome, any hate incidents are tackled promptly
  • Access to the right settlement support services
  • Provide support to both resident Chinese communities, wider society and the BN(O) status holders so these new arrivals feel welcome and able to adjust and adapt to a new environment and thrive.

To mark the launch of the Programme, a Lunar New Year market with a Hong Kong theme will be held next Saturday on 19th February at the Islington Chinese Association in London.

依士靈頓華人協會(ICA)歡迎住房、社區和地方政府事務部最近公布, 撥款資助47個全國及地區性的項目,歡迎以BN(O)簽証移居英國的香港人。



自從2021年1月,協會親見BN(O)人士在各方面所需的幫助有顯著的增加。在獲得政府資助後,馬上推出一個新計劃來歡迎及幫助香港新移民。服務重點為迎新 (induct)、凝聚 (cohere)及適應 (adapt),三字開首字母正是依士靈頓華人協會簡稱ICA



  • 無論在經濟上及社交上均能完全融入英國社會,讓英國社會更多元化
  • 感覺安心及受到歡迎,遇到衝突也能妥善處理。
  • 獲得合適的支援服務,定居英國。
  • 獲得華人及本地社區的支持,讓BN(O)人士感到受歡迎,能適應新環境,發揮才幹,茁壯成長。



Press contact:
Lady Katy Blair, Fundraising Manager
Belinda Lip, CEO
Email: info@islingtonchinese.com
Telephone: 020 7263 5986