What personal belongings will you name as “Memory Objects”? What memories do these objects elicit from your homeland?

Hong Kong Artist Sara WONG and UX designer Jordy TAM who recently moved to London was invited by Dr Yanki Lee, a London-based design researcher, co-founders of EXHIBIT at Golden Lane Estate CIC (UK) and Enable Foundation (HK) to start to collect “memory objects” from different generations Hong Kong migrants in the UK and capture their stories of homeland .

2 June 2022 is the popup showcase of the collaboration. 10 OoMs were collected and memories were captured from new arrivals as well as older overseas Chinese. They were articulated into patterns onto t-shirts and formed a one -day exhibition to be part of the Jubilee Celebration 2022.

Time of exhibition:1100-1600
Location: Islington Chinese Association, 21 Hatchard Road, London, N19 4NG
Occasion: Date with the Queen Food and Fun Street Fair


近日旅居倫敦的香港藝術家 Sara WONG 和 UX 設計師 Jordy TAM 應倫敦設計研究員、Golden Lane Estate CIC(英國)EXHIBIT 和 Enable Foundation(香港)聯合創始人Dr Yanki LEE 的邀請開始收集不同世代在英港人的「記憶物」,並記錄了他們的念鄉故事。

2022 年 6 月 2 日是合作的第一個快閃展示。從新來的海外華人和年長的海外華人收集了 10 個 「記憶物」,並捕捉了記憶。它們被拼接成 T 恤上的圖案,並形成了為期一天的快閃展覽,作為禧年慶典的一部分。

地點:依士靈頓華人協會 (21 Hatchard Road, London, N19 4NG)
活動:女皇有約: 美食遊玩節