ICA Games Café (ICA 冰室)

旨在凝聚新來英國的香港人, ICA會員和本地居民, 以桌上遊戲會友, 接觸多元文化。 A new initiative to bring together newly arrived Hongkongers, ICA members and the wider local community. Let's forge new social ties and celebrate our varied cultures over board games and other activities like Dixit, Ghost Biltz and Werewolf.

舞獅 ‧ 獅鼓免費體驗班 Free Trial Class of Lion Dance and Lion Drum

活動讓參加者體驗舞獅中的表演方式,如: 出洞、 上山、 巡山會獅、 採青、 入洞。 獅鼓扮演舞獅過程當中的靈魂角色,尤如指揮家。 學習互相配合節奏、步法, 亦從中享受樂趣。 歡迎成人、 學生和親子參與。 Lion Dance is common in Lunar New Year Celebration, and the Lion Drum plays the soul role of the performance. Everyone is welcome to join our free trial class.

免費法律咨詢 Free Legal Consultation

由 JusticeLink Society 義務律師面對面解答包括樓宇買賣、移民申請或其他方面的法律問題。 Face-to-Face legal consultation with volunteer solicitor from JusticeLink Society, to answer your legal enquiries including property purchase, immigration or other legal areas.

與律師對談: 樓宇買賣知多少 Property Purchase in UK

講座介紹在英國買樓的法律程序,以及買賣雙方需要了解的實務事項,例如印花稅、資金審查等, 提醒大家如何保障權益。 Introducing the procedures involved in property purchasing in the UK, as well as practical matters you should be aware of, e.g. stamp duty, anti-money laundering, in order to safeguard your rights.