ICA Games Café (ICA 冰室)

旨在凝聚新來英國的香港人, ICA會員和本地居民, 以桌上遊戲會友, 接觸多元文化。 A new initiative to bring together newly arrived Hongkongers, ICA members and the wider local community. Let's make some new friends and share our different perspectives over board games and other fun activities!

義務法律咨詢 Free Legal Consultation

由 JusticeLink Society 義務律師面對面解答包括遺囑、遺產稅、移民申請或其他方面的法律問題。 Face-to-Face legal consultation with a volunteer solicitor from JusticeLink Society, to answer your legal enquiries, including wills, inheritance, immigration or other legal areas.