Reminder: Sunday 7th October

Reminder: FREE ADMISSION Sunday 7th October 2 pm – 4:30 pm! We look forward to seeing you on Sunday afternoon at ICA to meet ceramicist SHI Yue from Yixing, China, who will talk about, amongst other things, what to look for in choosing a teapot, brief demo of working from wet clay, distinguishing between hand-made and hand-finished pots. There will be a collection of teapots for the audience to handle and appreciate.

in priase of the purple clay teapot poster (amended)

ART INFUSION taster workshops 8 or 9 October

art infusion poster (English)

In the age of screen-gazing we owe it to ourselves to make room for working with our hands.

This 8 – 9 October ICA hosts ART FUSION, a participative art project to get you drawing, lino carving and printmaking.  This free-to-attend taster event is for young and old, whatever your level of experience.

Within your 1½hour session each participant will be guided to create their own tea-drinking inspired design and print this on 2 gift cards to take away for your own use.  Novices will be taught how to safely handle sharp carving tools and basic lino cutting skills.  You will carve your own 10cm square piece of lino and print your own cards.

On 10 October the two artists will print up a 20-meter-long frieze using permutations of all the individual lino plates together with their own unifying designs.  The frieze will be permanently installed in ICA’s dining room this autumn.

ART INFUSION is part of ICA’s TEA CULTURE project which starts on Sunday 7 October with a talk on Chinese purple clay teapots.  Click here to book your tickets.

This ART INFUSION project is supported by the Islington Community Festivals fund and is also part of ICA’s Realising Effective Community project supported by the Big Lottery fund.



in priase of the purple clay teapot poster


依士靈頓華人協會(Islington Chinese Association)將於2018年10月7日至9日(星期日至星期二)舉辦「茶藝文化節」。歡迎所有的茶藝愛好者參加。此節期將介紹中國茶壺的起源及精髓,還有一連串能體嘗的浮雕印刷工作坊。

在10月7日(星期日),熱烈歡迎各界人仕參加在倫敦北部本協會舉辦而僅此一次的「紫砂壺鑑賞」活動。是次講座嘉賓為來自中國著名的紫砂陶瓷城市 – 江蘇省宜興市的著名陶瓷工藝家石越老師。當天將有一系列而富有特色的茶壺,供參與者體驗和鑑賞。



  • 中式茶壺的簡史 – 從功能性到裝飾性到藝術性;
  • 選擇茶壺時需要注意的事項:美學、燒製、原料、質量、工藝標誌等
  • 使用濕粘土進行工作的簡要示範
  • 「手工製作」和「手工成品」的重要性,這些手工如何在大量生產中發揮作用
  • 石越老師對紫砂產品的個人領會:粘土是有限的資源嗎?茶藝工業如何適應現時中國流行的茶文化?以及他對紫砂壺未來的期望


如有興趣參加,10月7日的活動,收費: 非會員為 £5.30,協會會員為 £3.00。

購票請上 Eventbrite 網站.

其他購票方式或查詢詳情,請見依士靈頓華人協會網站,或親臨協會: 21 Hatchard Road, London N19 4NG,或致電: 02072635986,或電郵

期待各位加入,從中發掘中國茶文化的樂趣。而緊接著在同一場地,10月8日至9日(星期一至二),協會還會舉辦對外開放,能免費參加的「藝術傾注」(Art Infusion)有關印刷的工作坊活動。

This 7 – 9 October the Islington Chinese Association (ICA) welcomes all tea lovers to its TEA CULTURE FESTIVAL.  The festival will feature a presentation on Chinese teapots as well as a 2-day participative art project.

Join us on Sunday 7 October in north London for a one-off event IN PRAISE OF THE PURPLE CLAY TEAPOT.  The presentation will be given by the award winning ceramicist Shi Yue (石越) from Yixing, Jiangsu province, China’s renowned city of purple clay pottery.  There will be a collection of teapots for the audience to handle and appreciate.

ICA wishes to raise the awareness of Chinese teapots amongst those interested in contemporary Chinese culture, ceramics practitioners, those who socialise in Chinese circles and those wishing to add another arrow to their conversational bow.

The illustrated talk will cover:

  • A brief history of the Chinese teapot – from the functional to the decorative to the artistic
  • What to look for in choosing a teapot – aesthetics, its efficiency in brewing/pouring, the quality of clay, porous qualities, marks of craftsmanship
  • Brief demo of working from wet clay
  • The significance of the ‘hand-made’ and hand-finished.  How does it work in mass production?
  • Shi Yue’s personal outlook for the purple clay product – is clay a finite resource?  How the industry has adapted to popular Chinese tea culture and his hopes for the future of the purple clay teapot

This is a fairly weighty event, to be conducted at a leisurely pace, and is envisaged to take 2-3 hours on the Sunday afternoon.   Click here to book your tickets.

Join us in Archway to discover the joy of Chinese tea culture.   The same venue also hosts ART INFUSION our free taster workshops.


Reminder: Crime Prevention Talk 14th August FOC

We sincerely look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. to meet local MET officers who can tell you about crime prevention at home.  There will be Q&A session after the talk with Cantonese-speaking officer, Mandarin-speaking officer in attendance to answer any questions that you may have.  Please tell your friends and neighbours to come along.

Better still book for lunch beforehand.